Dowry Square – A great day

The day was pretty much set from the start, the sun was shining, everyone got out of bed on the right side, it couldn’t have gone much better.

Me and my girlsWith the help of Claire and the girls we got the Eleven Things area set up and looking great. There were 10 artists and exhibitors including myself on the day. The turnover of visitor wasn’t bad at either, I’d estimate 200 or so people passed by the stall. Many stopped for a chat and I had some great feedback on my pottery which was really nice. I sold 7 pieces which I was really pleased about and it was interesting to see the things that the visitor seemed drawn to. I even sold a plate to another potter which was possibly the highlight of the day and felt like a pat on the back from a contemporary.

To everyone who stopped by to chat or came along to support me, thank you very much, it was much appreciated.

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Here’s until the next event.

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